The project developed a pilot survey to record how women and men think about the pollution of the Brantas river

Pandemic can’t stop clean river project

Pandemic can't stop Brantas river project

The project for a clean Brantas river in Indonesia developed a pilot survey to record how vulnerable local communities along the Brantas river think about the pollution of the river, and whether there are differences between men and women. A team of Indonesian students assess the ideas that women and men have in five cities about causes and solutions for pollution, and whether they are affected differently.

Despite the pandemic Indonesian partners continue tirelessly to draw public attention to the alarming pollution in the river. Local communities examined water quality with citizen science tools and discussed the biodiversity potential of the river’s flora and fauna.

Of course we hope to be able to meet physically again in 2021 in the Netherlands or in Indonesia. Until we do we’ll meet in online sessions, building a participation model that gives women and vulnerable communities a voice in the way the river is managed.