Proud to present: YUYU River Education Islands

Proud to present: YUYU River Education Islands

Makara and Dutch creative agency NorthernLight are launching a new initiative: YUYU. YUYU will be a global network of floating education islands located in rivers around the world. The aim of YUYU is to empower children to think critically and take action in environmental solutions for river pollution through local and connected educational programs, creative workshops and hands-on river activities.

Transforming communities

Our dream is to develop YUYU education islands all over the world, both in Asian and Western countries. Children will be educated on subjects such as the river ecosystem, water quality and plastic pollution. If children grasp the bigger picture, they will understand the problem of pollution and how it affects biodiversity in rivers worldwide. Children are our future – and they can teach their parents. YUYU aims at transforming entire communities to use less plastic and stop waste dumping in rivers.

Want to know more about YUYU?

Please visit www.yuyu.earth or contact info@yuyu.earth

Support us

You can be part of the solution too! Please support us on www.whydonate.nl/YUYU to help with setting up the first YUYU education island in Surabaya, Indonesia.