School children detect microplastics in river

Children detect microplastics

Last Saturday, the KALI SURABAYA DETECTIVE SCHOOL 2020 program was launched. An inspiring example of enabling children to protect their river. Equipped with research instruments and corona-proof protection, children visit the river and analyze water samples under the microscope. This time tey found plankton, but also microplastics. In a creative workshop the children visualized their findings and concerns.

Inspirasi is a prize-winning environmental organization in East java. They educate children in a hands-on and playful way about the sources of pollution and the effects on biodiversity and the health of their communities.

Inspirasi’s work can inspire educational river programs around the world – which is why Makara and NorthernLight teamed up with them and created YUYU. See the website or contact  info@yuyu.earth for more information.