What we do


Connect and create

All around the world environmental organizations are siding with local communities that take action to protect their rivers. We connect Asian organizations with parties in the Netherlands that have the knowledge and tools that will increase their impact.

Consider, for example, advanced measuring instruments from a Dutch university. Or the experience of a Dutch water board in water quality management and cooperation between all parties involved, including social organizations and local communities.

We are also there for Dutch organizations that want to set up projects in Asia, or join forces with local environmental organizations to tackle cross-border environmental problems, such as plastic pollution, or large-scale deforestation.

We connect them to environmental organizations that have local knowledge and the local network. Such as Indonesian organizations that investigate the waste in the river and go down the river with students from the source to the sea to measure the water quality. Or environmental organizations that support indigenous forest communities in Southeast Asia in the production and marketing of healthy food and fashion items made from natural materials, such as rattan, bamboo, leaf fibers, and fabric paint.

We initiate long-term cooperation by setting up projects and forging consortia. We examine for each cooperation how we can best contribute to make it successful. We contribute to the design of a roadmap for the integration of water quality in the management plan for the Brantas river, and lead the development of a gender-sensitive model for participation in the management of that river.

For the YUYU River Education Islands project we do the project coordination and project management, develop the partner network on location and substantively make the connection with sustainable initiatives such as Plastic Smart Cities, Donut Cities and the Sustainable Development Goals.