A clean Brantas river in Indonesia


Aksi Brantas: Research-based action for a clean and healthy river

The Netherlands and Indonesia work together in the Brantas river basin

Delft University of Technology, Makara, Tauw and the Indonesian environmental organization ECOTON initiated the Aksi Brantas project, in collaboration with three local authorities in East Java. The project takes research-based action to make the Brantas River cleaner so that nature can flourish and people can live, work and recreate safely.  The Rijksdienst Voor Ondernemen granted a subsidy of three million euros to improve the water quality in the river and raise the living standard of local communities.

ECOTON has been fighting the pollution of the Brantas River in East Java since 2000. Industrial pollution has been greatly reduced in collaboration with the Governor and the Ministry of the Environment. Still it is challenging to measure  and monitor pollution in the river. Plastic waste from households and companies that dissolve into microplastics in the river are an increasing concern.  It is unclear what the pollution means for the health and income of local communities living along the river.

Turning the tide ​requires the combined efforts of government, communities, industry, youth, and researchers. “Aksi Brantas” is a collaboration of change-makers working to strengthen water quality governance, inspire community action for river health, promote adoption of innovative technologies, and improve the availability of water quality data for planning and pollution control.


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