Towards gender-sensitive river basin management

Towards gender-sensitive river basin management

Indonesian students are researching what riverine communities living along the river Brantas in East Java think about river pollution and how that affects them: their health, their food and their livelihoods.

A team of Indonesian students guided by the Indonesian NGO Ecoton and TU Delft is investigating what ideas women and men have about causes and solutions for pollution, and whether they think differently about how their lives are affected.

The analysis will be used to make the way the Brantas is managed more inclusive and gender-sensitive . It is part of the Indonesian-Dutch project to foster inclusive growth, health and equity by mainstreaming water quality in the management of the Brantas River Basin.

Meanwhile, Indonesian project partners Perum Jasa Tirta-1 and Ecoton continue to research the alarming levels of pollution in the riverĀ and raise awareness about it. Women groups research the amounts of microplastics with citizen science tools and participate in discussions about the biodiversity potential of the flora and fauna in the river.